Where’s that Magnet?

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It was Christmastime after all, but I was surprised when my friend Ruth slipped something square and hard into my hand, saying “Here’s a present”. Since we did not usually exchange gifts (let alone Christmas cards), I was puzzled. Then I looked at the three inch by three inch magnet with a smiling woman wearing a fifty’s hairstyle and headband. It read “Stop me before I volunteer again”.

This friend had learned that I had agreed to be the monthly co-editor for the Observer for February. My fellow editor, Carol Martin, is a mutual friend of ours. I knew exactly what Ruth meant. She knows that I am busy with three hours of yoga a week, two hours of choir practice every Thursday night and two hours rehearsing and singing on Sunday mornings. That is aside from other parish activities I am part of at my local church. I also belong to a monthlybook club. And, of course there are the usual lunches with friends, household chores and “dates” with my husband.

My February co-editor, Carol, had asked me to help and I volunteered with the caveat that it was “just this once.” She assured me I would have fun, learn about local issues and history and it wouldn’t involve too much time. Well, here I am, writing my first ever editorial, after calling or emailing prospective writers, correcting copy and persuading my husband to do an interview and write a piece for me.

I retired six years ago as a School Psychologist and was relieved to have no assignments and no deadlines! So I am hunting and pecking to finish this editorial before tomorrow, January 13, and still trying to reach some Observer contributors before January 15. Now where is that magnet?

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