September 2017

350th Anniversary!

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The town of Suffield will be 350 years old in 2020!

Planning is beginning for the anniversary celebration, and we need your help to make it the party of the century! Come to the Town of Suffield booth at Suffield on the Green, September 9 & 10, to share your ideas for the year-long observance and to get involved.

The celebration is being organized by a nine-member 350th Anniversary Celebration committee, (a subcommittee of the Board of Selectmen) which was formed in June. Committee members are Chris Childs, Cari Cieri, Kacy Colston (Chair), Matt Joyal, Aysha Moore (Secretary), Norm Noble, Eric Remington, Art Sikes and Lester Smith, with First Selectman Melissa Mack serving ex officio. Meeting agendas, minutes, and other committee documents are available on the town website at

The Committee’s mission is to plan and coordinate a series of celebratory events, learning activities and social and cultural opportunities which will lead to an awareness and appreciation by all about the rich, 350 year history, life experience and growth of Suffield.

The committee’s goal encompasses developing strategies and planning events that allow opportunities for the greatest amount of town-wide participation. It will further seek public and private contributions in its effort to highlight Suffield’s rich political, social, cultural, economic, educational, agricultural and religious history.

The 350th anniversary observance will create a stronger sense of community, enhance tourism and promote continued economic growth and prosperity in Suffield.

One of the first events on the committee calendar is a contest to create a logo to be used on official 350th Anniversary celebration materials. Submissions will be welcomed from Suffield school students as well as other members of the community. The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 30. Look for details on Facebook @Suffield350 or on the town website and Facebook pages, or you can email the committee at

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