Update on Road Projects for 2018

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During 2016 and 2017 most of the $9 million of bond funding appropriated at the end of 2015 was utilized for 39 miles of road improvements as follows: 9.5 miles of pavement overlays; 26.4 miles milled and paved; and 3.1 miles reclaimed and paved with drainage improvements. In addition, in 2017 Canal Road (.5 miles) was reconstructed funded by a STEAP grant and drainage improvements were installed on Thrall Avenue (1.2 miles) as part of a $1.1 million LOTCIP funded reconstruction project, anticipated for completion in the Spring of this year.

Proposed 2018 Projects

In 2018 about 2.2 miles of road are planned for the following improvement projects using $1 million of remaining bond and pavement management funds:

Mill and Overlay Projects (1 mile) ­— Alexander Lane, Apple Lane, Dara Lane, Partridge Meadow Lane and Sunset Drive.

Road Reconstruction Projects (1.2 miles) — Heritage Trail, Settlement Circle, Paper Street, Stony Brook Drive.

Both types of projects will also involve drainage work including replacement of deteriorated catch basin tops and more in-depth repairs where warranted.

Roads are also being evaluated at this time for crack sealing, as funds permit.

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