SMS Gymnasts Show Their Skills

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Photo by Lester Smith

Gavin Keane, an eighth grader, demonstrates some impressive moves on the rings during the Suffield Middle School Gym Show on April 4. He was one of only two boys among the 32 gymnasts performing.

The gymnasts of Suffield Middle School presented their annual exhibition in the school gym on April 4, with applause for notable performances from the proud audience of family and friends.

For an hour and a half, the 32 students participating, singly and occasionally in pairs and small squads, demonstrated almost everything from somersaults and cartwheels to graceful floor events on the big mat and impressive feats on the balance beam, the uneven bars, suspended rings and vaulting horses. The gymnasts comprised 16 sixth graders, five from the seventh grade, and 11 from the eighth grade.

As a finale, the whole crew marched out and assembled on the big mat in rows for each grade, with one member of each grade at the lead, holding a tall staff topped with a simulated Olympic torch. Perhaps someday one of them will be holding the real flame.

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