Suffield Ambulance Award Recipients

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On Saturday, April 7, the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association recognized their annual award winners for 2017-2018 at a dinner at Crestview Country Club. The following are this year’s award recipients.

Hero Awards

Civilians: Jim Rogeness, Tahycha Velavquez, Jeremy Schussler, Marian Beland, Bree Berner, Marilyn Rice, K9 Sapphire, K9 Ted E Bare

Suffield EMS Members: Ken Shaffer, Laura Steinmeyer, Bill Borchers, Bob Lowell, Lisa Shelanskas, Ted Hansen, Don Miner, Laura Steinmeyer

Suffield Public Safety Partners: Officer Justin Fuller, Dispatcher Mildred Webster, Officer Rob Dabkowski, Dispatcher Lorraine Morelli, Officer Tom Kieselback, Dispatcher Lauren Mayhew, Police Chief Rick Brown, Fire Lt. Kevin Seger, Fire Captian Mike Thibedeau, Firefighter Colby Tyler

Years of Service Milestones

5 Years: Kathy Dunai, Joan Perrone, Suzanne Sussman, Rev. Scott Seabury

10 Years: Dawn Santaniello, Barbara Daley, Karen Doyon

15 Years: Kerri Pliszka, Thom Yakoubian

20 Years: Steve Kratzke

25 Years: Gil Ahrens

35 Years: Bill Borchers, Sonny Osowiecki

Explorer of the Year

Amy Colson

Greatest Number of Hours

In town member:

Vic Mathieu

Out of town member:

Brittany Crabtree

Greatest Number of Calls

In town member:

Vic Mathieu

Out of town member:

Laura Steinmeyer

Rising Star Recognition

Jacob Audet

Special Recognition

Connie Mendoza, Troy Peterson

Officers’ Award

Brittany Crabtree, Ken Shaffer

Perreault Award

Holly Jacobs, Jake Jacobs

Directors’ Award

Linda Stevenson

Zak Award

Justin Donnelly

Chris Schmeck Service Award

Marie Bliss

Life Time Achievement

Linda Stevenson

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