Winners of the Lester Smith Photography Contest

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The contest was conceived as a celebration of Lester Smith, our inquisitive man of Suffield, and his first ninety years. The prize awards were funded by the Friends of the Library.

Best in Show

Robert W. Lyons for Autumn at 467 S. Main

Faces in Suffield

1st prize Emily Boone for Charlotte Loves Hastings Farm!

1st prize Jenna Sun, grade 10, for (Untitled)

1st prize Ethan Coleman, grade 5, for (Untitled)

2nd prize Stacey Coleman for (Untitled)

Suffield Landscapes

1st prize Adaline Coates-Cooney, grade 11, for Suffield in a Bubble

1st prize Rebecca Rowe-Kent for After the Storm

1st prize Isabella Coleman, grade 3, for (Untitled)

2nd prize Ariel Gragnolati for Fog on White’s Pond

2nd prize for Cormac Sullivan, grade 8, for Eagles at Hilltop

3rd prize Arthur M. Sikes, Jr. for Suffield Tenement

3rd prize Olivia Zacchia, grade 10, for Summertime Vines

Suffield History

1st prize Joan Heffernan for Mapleton Hall

1st prize Sean Noble, grade 4, for Central New England Railroad Cow Pass

2nd prize Vincent James Barnes for Thank You

3rd prize Bev Sikes for At Rest Alone

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