July 2018

Local Author Writes Again

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Beluga Suite by Susan Boucher, a Suffield resident who taught science and special education for the past thirty-six years, is the author’s most recent book to date.

The book is about a young Inuit girl who befriends a pod of beluga whales as she plays her flute each day at the fjord by her village. Suddenly, the belugas are gone. After school the following day, Anja is summoned by her grandfather over the ham radio to go to the middle of the village; she is to be transported to the trawler out by the ice sheets to help a pod of whales. They are in a desperate situation. Her grandfather requests that she bring her flute. There is no time to waste! Can Anja help the whales?

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/belugasuite.

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