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The 350th Anniversary of Suffield will soon be here. How well do you know our town? The Suffield Observer will contain short trivia quizzes until the 350th Anniversary Celebration. Take them and see what you know.

1. Prudence Crandall, a Connecticut schoolteacher, defied racial discrimination by opening one of the first schools to educate African American girls in Canterbury, Connecticut in 1833. What was her connection to Suffield?

a. She married Calvin Philleo who had been a Baptist minister in Suffield

b. She was born in Suffield

c. She opened a Quaker school for young white women after her school was closed down in Canterbury

d. She often visited her brother who had a farm in Suffield

2. What is the parent town of Suffield?

a. Agawam

b. Simsbury

c. Springfield

d. Windsor

3. Among the following names, who was never a Suffield resident?

a. Ebenezer Gay, a renowned Congregational minister

b. Oliver Phelps, a land speculator who sold plots of land in the Western Reserve

c. Gideon Granger, a U.S. Postmaster General

d. Timothy Swan, a composer of hymns

e. Sylvester Graham, an American dietary reformer

4. The town consists of approximately how many square miles?

a. 62

b. 50

c. 43

d. 55

5. The Suffield Historical Society owns

a. The Phelps Hatheway House

b. The Alexander King House

c. The John Fuller House

d. The Gothic Cottage

6. Suffield remained a Massachusetts town until

a. 1749

b. 1694

c. 1810

d. 1699

7. Who is not known to have visited Suffield?

a. Joan Fontaine

b. Richard Nixon

c. George Washington

d. Franklin D. Roosevelt

e. John Wayne

8. The original Kent Memorial Library was dedicated in

a. 1780

b. 1926

c. 1854

d. 1899

9. The Connecticut Literary Institute which was the predecessor of the Suffield Academy was associated with

a. The Baptist Church

b. The Congregational Church

c. Episcopal Church

d. The Quakers

10. Suffield will celebrate its 350th anniversary in 2020 because in 1670

a. The town was incorporated

b. John Pynchon was granted the right to settle Suffield

c. The town rebuilt itself after King Phillip burned the town

d. The Indians sold the land to John Pynchon

Quiz Answers

1. a

2. c

3. None; all residents

4. c

5. b

6. a

7. e

8. d

9. a

10. b

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