Superintendent Update

Our schools are lively centers of learning for children. Our dedicated teachers are collaborating together to better develop lessons that stimulate curiosity and actively engage each individual student in learning.

Public School Education

Public schools welcome and provide equal educational opportunities to all children from varied backgrounds and socio-economic levels, including gifted learners and those with special needs, English speaking and non-English speaking, children from families of diverse cultures, religions, practices, and beliefs.

First Summer Music Camp and Concert

In the Suffield Public Schools we believe that the visual and performing arts are important in creating a school environment where children can flourish.

2017-2018 Budget

This year’s budget presents a great challenge for the Boards of Selectmen, Education and Finance.

Superintendent’s Briefing

The “spirit of youth” abounds every day in our schools, but especially during the spring with outdoor learning opportunities, concerts, competitions, spring sports and much more.

Superintendent’s Briefing

Budget is on everyone’s mind these days, whether we are reading about the Governor’s state budget plan, our local budget and taxes, or the school budget.