Vans from Main Enterprises, the company that provided and installed the new HVAC systems in the old and new parts of the Kent Memorial Library last year, returned in early October to replace faulty components.

Library Pilot Test Begins

For many impatient library patrons, it was encouraging to see a couple of trucks from HazPros, the hazardous materials specialists, parked at the library on November 13.

On the bank of an upstream portion of Stony Brook, Brian Benito of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, left, and Art Sikes of the Suffield Land Conservancy discuss birds they have seen. They were touring the Conservancy’s new Nicholson Nature Preserve on South Grand Street.

60 More Acres Preserved

In preserving the natural, rural character of our lovely town, every little bit helps, and the 60-acre property recently acquired by the Suffield Land Conservancy is a good help, indeed.

Library Update

As explained in last month’s update, it had been determined that a faulty reversing valve was the culprit in the HVAC system failure that has prevented the planned pilot test that was needed to evaluate the selected PCB remediation method.