Our Polish Heritage

Last month’s Polish Heritage article referred to a time that the country of Poland did not exist on the map. For almost 150 years (1772 – 1918) the territory was seized by, and partitioned between, Russia, Prussia and Austria in a series of negotiations in 1772, 1793 and 1795.

Polish Heritage Society Meeting

It was standing room only at the April meeting of the Polish Heritage Society (PHS)! Pat Cosma arranged to have Susan Urban, a Polish folk artist from West Springfield, talk about and demonstrate “wyncinaki”—Polish paper cutting.

Polish Heritage Meeting

The April meeting of the Polish Heritage Society will be held on Wednesday, the 4th, at 10 a.m. in the Suffield Ambulance Center at 205 Bridge St. The guest for that meeting will be Susan Urban of West Springfield.

Polish Heritage History

The history of Poland is so long and complicated it is impossible to create an understanding of the hardships that our ancestors endured over centuries in this short column. The nation’s history is full of religious, political and territorial conflicts that resulted in many wars and changes of ruling powers.

Our Polish Heritage

Our Polish ancestors started coming to Suffield almost 125 years ago. Upon arrival, most were farm laborers and domestic servants.

Our Polish Ancestors

According to the Passenger List for the S.S. Kensington, Jan was 22 years old and single when he debarked at Ellis Island on June 25, 1902.