Our weekly pilgrimage on the trails around town helps us to lead a wide awake life. Earlier this fall, I had launched into one of my endless narratives while climbing the hills; my friends may or may have not had their hands clapped over their ears, but their peace on the trail was short-lived, as my faithful pup uttered a strange bark and bounded off after two woodland creatures.

The Beauty of Imperfection

A little while back I was on a ferry off the coast of Cape Cod. The seas were a bit rough and I was glad not to be upchucking when I caught sight of two men making their way on deck.

Troubled Youngster

At least twice during a few days in September, this juvenile bald eagle was seen loitering on a residential street in Suffield center, a surprising view for early morning walkers or motorists.

Good Harvest This Year

Farmhands load a few more lath on the rack, to be hauled off to be hung. On August 30, the Nowak farm crew had nearly finished cutting the broadleaf on the Mountain Road field west of the Goodyear greenhouses.