Highway Garage Plans Circle Back to Austin Street

For many years since the Laureno Stevenson Lumber Yard and fabrication shops on Ffyler Place closed, Suffield planners have been looking at the Town Highway Garage on the other side of the street with critical feelings. If the garage were gone, they felt, the desired commercial development of the 27-acre combined properties would become more likely, with good consequences for the town in land values, tax revenue, and convenient new services.

Parks & Rec News

It is getting cold, it is getting darker out earlier and maybe you have been on your electronic gadgets too much. What is the solution?

Scare-It-Up Suffield

“You’ve Got Friends,” the Friends of Suffield scarecrow exhibit in the Town’s Scare-It-Up Suffield event, held on October 20 at the Suffield Senior Center, won first prize in the “Spirit of Suffield” category.

Holiday Tree Gala Musical Performances

The Holiday Tree Gala on display at the Suffield Senior Center from December 1 to December 15 features not only beautiful trees decorated by people in the community but also musical groups. The hours are from 1 to 4 p.m. every day.

Town Hall Planning Proceeds

The Town’s process toward providing decent quarters for its administrative departments has been long and uncertain. The existing Town Hall opened in 1962 as an improvement on the previous building, which was built during the Civil War.