Suffield Remembers

Hundreds of Suffieldians applauded the town’s traditional Memorial Day parade (on May 27 this year) and enjoyed the pomp and ceremony at Veteran’s Park – and those who could hear appreciated what was said. For those not standing close to the Veterans Memorial and the loudspeakers: the ceremony differed in several ways from the usual.

Highway Garage Plans Charge Ahead

The fast-moving drama of where to relocate the town highway garage, if indeed it is to be relocated, may well have passed a major milestone before this issue of the Observer is distributed. The events in the current chapter of that drama, centered on the existing building at 1160 South Street and the economic development of a garage-less Ffyler Place, have developed quickly since a new proposal was introduced by First Selectman Melissa Mack and developer Kevin Casey to the Selectmen and a few members of the public at the May 1 Selectmen’s meeting, as reported here last month.

Parks & Recreation Bowling Luau Was a Hit!

The highly anticipated season end banquet for the Parks and Recreation Bowling Buddies and Bowling Buddies Jr. Group was held at Sunrise Park on Wednesday, May 15. The Pavilion was transformed into a “Tiki Hut” with our beach themed BBQ and Party.

With Our Flag Comes Responsibility

As Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15, Memorial Day on May 27 (this year) and Flag Day on June 14 approaches, this is a time to reflect on just what our country’s flag represents. Old Glory, as it is sometimes referred to, is known throughout the world for the great freedoms we enjoy.

Shared Services

If you were able to save 60 percent on a price tag without sacrificing quality, would you think twice about accepting that offer? The smart money says you wouldn’t hesitate, and smart money is what shared services is all about.