A Moment in Time: Old Photos Invited from Our Readers

A quiet scene in West Suffield Center is shown in this old postcard, postmarked 1906. On North Grand Street a one-horse carriage approaches the intersection passing a two-horse wagon, where two men walk toward the Terrett House hotel. At the porch next door, three men idly watch. The luggage on the porch suggests they are waiting here in the shade for a train at the depot just east of the corner.

100 Years Ago in Suffield

Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Town Historian Lester Smith. December 6

A large touring car ran into an electric light pole at the corner of South Main street and Kent avenue Sunday morning tearing off the right rear wheel, smashing the top and windshield and badly damaging the body of the car.  .

A Relic of Old Suffield

After a series of powerful rainstorms, I went out for a run and found a relic of old Suffield: a wrought iron rail spike from Suffield’s long-gone trolley system.

Polish American Heritage Month

October has been recognized as Polish American Heritage month since 1981. It is a time to consider the contributions Polish men and women have made in the United States and throughout the world.