KML Teen News

Teen staff are busy generating new ideas and programs after attending the Connecticut Library Conference last month. Can anyone say “Escape Room!”

Last month we hosted a Teen Prom Dance program held at the senior center with Christine from Ballroom Fever in Enfield and made Bath Fizzies with our moms during the May Science Saturday.

KML General Programs

For more information or to register for programs, stop by the library, call 860-668-3896, check, or follow us on Facebook. All of our programs are free!

Library Foundation Receives Generous Donation

The Suffield Public Library Foundation (SPLF) wishes to acknowledge Ron and Jackie Birmingham for their generous donation of $25,000 for ongoing and future improvements to our town library. Ron and Jackie have lived in Suffield for several decades, having raised their daughters, Wendy and Sarah, here and  who all have participated actively in community life.

Library Update

The Observer reported last month that the Permanent Building Commission voted to reject all of the several proposals that had been submitted on April 18, as the lowest offered a contract price of $1.45 M for the necessary PCB remediation work. Facilities Manager Julie Oakes quickly changed the Request for Quotation, allowing a new choice of coating removal method, including grit blasting, and allowing the work start date to slip to the fall, when labor costs would likely be lower.

Contest Winner

This photo, judged Best in Show in the recent photo contest at Kent Memorial Library, was titled “Autumn at 467 South Main Street” by its creator, Robert W. Lyons, who reported that it was taken a few years ago.

Surprising Library Bids Change Plan for Recovery

On March 28, Julie Oakes, Facilities Director of the Public Works Department, issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for remediating the PCB problem at the Kent Memorial Library. Under the direction of the Permanent Building Commission, the RFP had been prepared by their environmental consultant, Bob May of Fuss & O’Neil.