New Observer Feature

The Observer’s newest feature appears here. In an earlier edition I had written that a friend suggested that our community would enjoy reading about the many people, either from or still residing in Suffield, who are making their mark in the world and have experienced success in their chosen field.

Appreciation for Real Life Stories

There is a man I communicate with called Rem, who is an Australian Aboriginal. He is known in an ancient native traditional manner, for what translates into English as “elder child.” He has a special gift for living and guiding others based on right and wrong.

Local Author Writes Again

Beluga Suite by Susan Boucher, a Suffield resident who taught science and special education for the past thirty-six years, is the author’s most recent book to date. The book is about a young Inuit girl who befriends a pod of beluga whales as she plays her flute each day at the fjord by her village.

Picnic was Rainy but Great

On a rainy Sunday in the crowded Sportsmen’s cabin during the annual picnic for Cpl. Steve Bixler, USMC, Kevin Goff and his grandchild, along with an unidentified youngster, examine some of the display material about Steve’s short, heroic career.