New Pastor at WSCC

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Pastor Lisa Eleck

Pastor Lisa Eleck

The West Suffield Congregational Church, UCC is happy to announce that it has a new pastor, Lisa Eleck. Pastor Lisa is a 2017 graduate of Yale Divinity School after starting her seminary education in Hartford Seminary’s Cooperative Master of Divinity Program. As a result of her experience, she has a passion for interfaith activities. Lisa believes that her education at both institutions will serve her well in this diverse and multi-faith world.

West Suffield Congregational Church is Lisa’s first call as a church pastor. She believes that her experience as a hospice nurse and nurse practitioner will complement the education she received in seminary. She is excited about her new role as a pastor. In her United Church of Christ profile, Lisa described her ideas about being a pastor.

“I love to connect the dots. As a child I would draw lines between the dots, eager to find what I had created on paper. As a minister, I am passionate about connecting persons to God, to each other, and to programs that reach out to others who are marginalized or hurting. I see this as an exciting component of the pastoral role. And when things come together, I am grateful for the Spirit which moves us closer to a God who loves us.”

Pastor Lisa hopes to convey the welcome she has received at West Suffield Congregational Church to the community at large. She hopes to facilitate the connection between the congregation and the greater community and recognizes that all people have unique gifts from God. She wants to encourage individuals and the congregation to follow their passions, encouraging them as they put their talents to work locally and globally. Lisa believes that a pastor helps individuals connect to God and hopes to remind them that no matter the situation, God is with them.

Lisa gets excited about worship and likes to incorporate creative elements into worship. She believes worship connects people to God and strengthens the bond between individuals in the church. It feeds and challenges them so that they might work together for justice and peace, bringing love and hope to the world.

Lisa enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog. She has four grandchildren who brighten her life, bring her much joy, and keep her busy. Her interests include walks in the woods with her dog, photography, nature, kayaking and making soup.

The West Suffield Congregational Church invites the community to join in welcoming Pastor Lisa. Sunday services are held at 10 a.m. and the church is handicapped accessible. For more information about WSCC please call the church office at 860-668-2271 or email:

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