Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of Hilltop Farm!

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Photo by Bobbie Rogers

Troop 66 Boy Scouts Jack and David Fitzgerald pause while digging out a stump behind the Hilltop Farm chicken coop.

We are so thankful for our volunteers! Joan Heffernan and I have overseen the gardens and orchard areas of Hilltop Farm for several years. It has been a huge undertaking, but the landscape has become more beautiful and instructive each year. People come from all around the area to learn about plants and enjoy these beautiful gardens.

During this summer’s drought, Grace Karam, a student at the Suffield Agri-Science Center, and family members helped water the gardens and orchard.

Hilltop Farm volunteers take a well-deserved break from weeding and edging the blueberry patch, planting garlic and watering the young apple tree orchard. From the left: Sister Lotte, Sister Potter, Sister Egnew, Sister Tuttle and Sister Cantrell. Photo by Bobbie Rogers

Some people come from far way to volunteer at Hilltop. We are very lucky to have a group of young women from “out West” completing their church service mission at Hilltop. The gardens, entrances and orchard area have all benefited from these angels. They love spending time at the farm and we love them, too.

Closer to home, two brothers and Boy Scouts from Troop 66, West Suffield, have earned service hours at Hilltop. Jack and David Fitzgerald spent many hours hauling water to keep the fruit trees and plants in the orchard alive. We rely on volunteers to literally “carry the water” to make Hilltop Farm work. The Farm looks wonderful due to efforts of these many volunteers

Hilltop Farm volunteers will be recognized at an official Volunteer Appreciation Day sometime in the spring, when we can host this event safely. 

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