Sacred Heart Church Concert

A benefit concert to support Dr. Peter Coombs’ mission to Haiti will take place at Sacred Heart Church on Sunday, February 17 at 4 p.m. Dr. Coombs travels to Haiti each year to provide dental services to people who otherwise have no dental care and live mainly in poor rural areas. The concert will feature baritone Cleveland Williams, soprano Margaret Beers and pianist Stacy Cahoon.

Thank You, Anna

This issue of the Observer had a wonderful young woman serve as the Student Editor-of-the Month.

New Priest Arrives

“My main goal is to become involved in as many ways that I can with all age levels” stated Father Mark Jette, the new pastor of Sacred Heart Church. He also expressed a desire to see more flowers in church, altar servers, and the bells rung at the consecration of the Mass.

Fond Farewell to Principal Dunn

The staff of the Observer sends a fond farewell to Scott Dunn, Principal of A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School.

Commission Plans Capital Budget

During the cold winter months from December to late February or early March a group of very dedicated citizens diligently works on the capital budget for Suffield for the following year.

Irreplaceable Losses

During the last month those of us at The Suffield Observer have lost two of our most loving special men, Sam Fuller and Bob Warren.

Samuel S. Fuller (1923-2016)

We at The Suffield Observer have been privileged to work with and under the guidance of our beloved founder, Sam Fuller. Sam put his heart and soul into the production of this paper. He started the Observer as a way for the Town to improve communication with its citizens.