April 2017

Complete Fiber Optic Project Links Vital Town Departments

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The Town of Suffield continues to enhance communications and safety with the completion of its fiber optic project linking critical emergency services. First Selectman Melissa M. Mack touted the achievement stating, “This was an essential effort on many fronts but most importantly it ties together ambulance, police and fire to ensure effective communication on both a daily basis and in crisis situations.” The fiber also promises faster, more efficient speeds to all facilities and provides a backup communications transmitter to better secure the system in assisting first responders.

A year in the making, the project extends the fiber from its original terminus at the Central Fire Station, to the Kent Memorial Library, Bridge Street School, Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association and Suffield Senior Center. Notably, the SVAA houses the Town of Suffield’s Emergency Operations Center. The extension links police, fire and ambulance within the same network as the Town Hall, Parks & Recreation, the Highway Garage and the schools.

For more details, contact Kim Worthington at 860-668-3838.

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