Your ad and message will reach 6,300 Suffield homes and business and additional copies of the paper are available at various locations throughout Suffield and neighboring towns – a valuable opportunity for you to add new customers. Most every need of Suffield’s citizens is represented in the Observer ads: everything from doctors, landscapers and realtors to farmers, educators and financial professionals.

Submissions for ads should include the contact person, business name, billing address, telephone number and e-mail address. All ads must be submitted as high-resolution images in .pdf (preferred) or .tif format. Please send by e-mail to:

Rates Per Column Inch (pci)

Short-term rate (1-4 issues)
$10.00 pci for B/W
$14.00 pci for Color

Long-term contract rate (5 consecutive issues or more)
$9.00 pci for B/W
$12.00 pci for Color

Non-profit rate
$9.00 pci for B/W
$12.00 pci for Color

Online rate
10% of subtotal cost or $10 minimum

Column Widths and Maximum/Minimum Heights

# of columns Width in inches Max Height in inches Min Height in inches
1 Column 1.89 10.0 2.5
2 Column 3.92 7.0 2.0
3 Column 5.95 5.0 2.0
4 Column 7.98 3.5 2.0
5 Column 10 3.0 2.0

Column heights may be any half-inch increment between the minimum and the maximum shown above. Height maximums are negotiable, depending on space availability.

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