Childhood Back in the Day

I was reminiscing about my younger years recently and how different my childhood was compared to today’s.

Is Our Library Neutral?

In a public library, it should not be obvious which social movement or ideology is favored. At Kent Memorial Library, one particular movement is continuously showcased, as is evidenced by little signs and flags throughout and controversial children’s books displayed.

Challenging Times

Book challenges and bans in public and school libraries and school curriculums are sweeping across our nation.

Suffield Observations

I have a friend who is a bona fide holy roller – the kind of guy who will text you passages from the Bible, proudly keep the commandments, and never, ever miss church.

Focusing on the Positive

In New England towns the seasons are usually clearly defined, almost delineated, even when one seems to flow easily into another. This year has been an anomaly; summer seemed to go on forever.