A Random Act of Kindness

On March 27, as my neighbor and I were taking our early morning walk I fell on the sidewalk on N. Main Street. As I sat catching my breath a black pick-up truck stopped and a young man hurried over to help me up.

Others May Think Differently

In regards to your opinion piece (Good Listeners May Change Their Thinking, April 2021 issue) stating that some residents complain that The Suffield Observer is too liberal. I look at it through another prism that really is quite simple to discern.

New Traffic Lights

I’m sure everyone in town has noticed the new (though not yet functional) traffic lights and their accompanying pole in our major intersection, where Mountain Road meets Main Street; they’re hard to miss. Uglier additions to our town center are hard to imagine.

Let’s Vote for a Town Manager

The conversation surrounding a town manager has been discussed for decades. The topic has been debated, presented in public comment and researched by past Charter Revision Committees, but it either doesn’t get recommended to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) or has been rejected by the BOS.

Police Body Cams

My husband and I are happy to live in a community with an amazing grassroots effort that is working on multiple fronts to call out and defeat bias and racism in our Town. ABAR Suffield (“anti-bias, anti-racism”) is growing in strength and numbers.

Observer Skew-less

As I’m sure many of our readers have noticed, Rick Stromoski’s cartoon has been missing from the paper for the past couple of months. Rick has decided to end his time with the Observer, and the town will be the poorer for it.

Good Listeners May Change Their Thinking

It’s been brought to my attention that some residents complain that The Suffield Observer is too liberal, that the paper doesn’t publish viewpoints other than those with a liberal slant. The editorial cartoons are too liberal and there is no voice for other viewpoints.

Considerations for the Charter Revision Commission

My name is Charlie Watras; I reside at 32 Wendover Road in our lovely Town of Suffield, CT. While a relative newcomer to the community (I am now in my 3rd decade of residency), I have participated in our local government having served on the Board of Finance and two prior Charter Revision Commissions.