Chairman’s Notes

Included in this issue, you will see a Letter to the Editor from Michael Stevens, regarding his perception, undoubtedly shared by others, that too many articles, editorials and cartoons demonstrate a negative tone, particularly in respect to our First Selectman.

Discouraging Results; a Worrisome Precedent

For years, Suffield has worked at trying to build a community center in Suffield. As early as 1995, the town studied how this might be done.

What Do People Mean?

I have been involved with The Suffield Observer for many years. During that time, it’s not unusual to hear comments from people working on the paper, as well as from citizens in town, saying the paper is too liberal; I wish the paper would be more middle of the road or conservative.

Letter to the Editor

As I’ve read the Observer over the years, I have noted that it has become more of an opinion vehicle than an objective source of information.

Let’s Change the Trend

At the risk of being overly dramatic, I must say that without a reverse in direction, I fear that our society and democracy are in trouble. Self-interest, greed, hypocrisy, and the desire to beat one’s opponent at any cost seem to carry the day while civility, fair play, and a willingness to compromise are on life support in the public arena.

High Time for a Town Manager

Recent events ranging from, among others, the problems with the Town Hall renovations, the development of Ffyler Place, the police department’s morale, and the stalled Bridge Street school/community center bring to a head the realization that complex problems face even a small town such as Suffield and that expertise in the area of public administration is needed.

Letter to the Editor

The dust is settled now on your failed proposal to move the Town Highway Garage and “develop” Ffyler Place. You are quoted in the JI (Jan.29) as saying that “… it appears that Suffield residents believe the highway garage should stay where it is – and aren’t interested in economic development.”

Kids These Days…

A generation is defined mainly as a group of people born around the same time and raised sharing similar characteristics, preferences, and values (Source: The Center for Generational Kinetics).