Suffield Observations

I have a friend who is a bona fide holy roller – the kind of guy who will text you passages from the Bible, proudly keep the commandments, and never, ever miss church.

Focusing on the Positive

In New England towns the seasons are usually clearly defined, almost delineated, even when one seems to flow easily into another. This year has been an anomaly; summer seemed to go on forever.

Letter to the Editor

Heartfelt Thanks

I would like to thank the Mountain Rd. Dunkin Donuts and the people of Suffield for their generosity during the VFW Post 9544 Poppy Drive.

Tis the Season

My son texted me the other day and shared with me the two charities he chose to provide meals to those in need this Thanksgiving.

Slow Down and Pay Attention!

Suffield recently completed a traffic survey to “effectively mitigate safety issues, infrastructure deficiencies, and identify educational opportunities to promote a safety culture for all travel modes.”

Following the Science?

Over the course of the past two years, the Board of Education has stated that their decision making has been based on guidance from the CDC. However, when it comes to the CDC recommendation that students are given twenty-five minutes of time strictly for eating lunch in school, the Board does not comply.

Book Challenges

Does a book earn a mark of distinction if it is challenged or banned?