Bridge Street School

I’m going through this thing now where people are contacting me, asking what is going on with Bridge Street School. I can answer questions because I’ve documented its history for 20 years.

“Grand” Lessons

As we look to find joy or silver linings throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, our family has been blessed with another special blessing: grandparents with knowledge, wisdom, fun and love to give.

Love in the Time of Covid

Here in this time of Covid-19, with all its limitations and boundaries, there are some relationships that have come to be more important than ever. If you are a pet owner, you know what I mean.

Election Signage

I graduated from Suffield High School and my mom still lives here. When visiting in mid-September, I was appalled by the profane election signage that is currently being posted on people’s lawns.

Show Respect, Hands Off

As we approach voting season, more lawn signs supporting candidates, as well as issues that are of concern to our community, will be popping up.

An Election Year Plea

Well another election season is upon us. But this editorial is not going to encourage you to vote.

Shame on Suffield

Suffield is celebrating its 350th year of founding. How would one ever know that? Where are the layers of architecture testifying to those centuries of decades?

Uncomfortable Questions

On August 17, ABAR Suffield presented recommendations for making Suffield Public Schools an anti-biased and antiracist community to the Board of Education. The recommendations were based on feedback from SPS parents and students and antiracist pedagogy.