Public Awareness for Justice and Equality Occurs in Suffield

Throughout Connecticut, across the country, and around the world, people from all walks of life are demonstrating their belief that political leadership must take decisive action to acknowledge mistakes, take corrective action, then move on. Accountability is required to end racism and sexism.

Let’s Slow Down

As a younger man in the 80’s, I never thought twice about speeding. It was the norm. Ten to fifteen miles or more above the limit was normal.

Let’s Not Fight Civil War Again

In June, I witnessed an amazing dialogue. For two days, the Phelps-Hatheway House hosted two programs, both featuring Joe McGill, a national figure and founder of the Slave Dwelling Project.

Well-Deserved Thanks

Being a newspaper, every now and then we have the great pleasure of publicly thanking a person who has toiled in the background for many years, performing essential work and serving as a backbone of the organization. As chair I have that honor on behalf of so many who have worked with Mary Ann Muska as she tirelessly volunteered thousands of hours for The Suffield Observer.

Let’s Listen

What a great profile of an extraordinary woman with such rich stories to tell about a Suffield others would deny. Indeed, we all need to listen. As a new resident in town, it is a privilege to hear Betty’s story and to know she lives just down the road.

Bracing for Re-entry

This editorial is a direct result of me having said YES when I was asked to be editor of the month. This was one of the first YESs I had given in over a year. COVID cleared my evenings, my weekends and lessened many commitments.

Let’s Vote for a Town Manager

The conversation surrounding a town manager has been discussed for decades. The topic has been debated, presented in public comment and researched by past Charter Revision Committees, but it either doesn’t get recommended to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) or has been rejected by the BOS.

New Traffic Lights

I’m sure everyone in town has noticed the new (though not yet functional) traffic lights and their accompanying pole in our major intersection, where Mountain Road meets Main Street; they’re hard to miss. Uglier additions to our town center are hard to imagine.