Support for the Community Center

The undersigned members of the Suffield Parks and Recreation Commission wish to express our support for the completion of a community center building in Suffield.

Stromoski’s Skews

Rick Stromoski was a member of the Police Commission and voted with the majority in support of a grievance filed by a police officer seeking pension credit for time absent due to an on-the-job injury. The First Selectman declined to honor the vote. The issue is addressed fully in the article on this page.

Veterans’ Day Surprise

Dear Editor,

Veteran’s Day in Suffield had many observances: flags on Main Street, flags on homes, flags at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in the center of town. And most moving were flags on resting places for veterans at Woodlawn Cemetery on Bridge Street.

The Value of Inclusivity

Our small town, in every season of the year, seems a peaceful, even a serene, place to live. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the old homes on Main Street and the spacious farms and open land within the town limits.

Suffield’s Proud History of Preservation

Riding through Suffield Connecticut on a sunny fall day, one cannot help but be impressed by the stunning natural beauty of our town, from the stately and elegant sycamore trees lining historic Main Street to the open rich agricultural fields, recently groomed after harvest, and the vast open spaces, home to a large variety of native plants and wild life.

Volunteers at the Observer

When people ask me what I am doing in my retirement, one of the first answers I give–proudly–is that I occasionally write for my town’s local newspaper, The Suffield Observer. I do it because I enjoy writing, and also because the very concept of a local volunteer newspaper pleases me.

A Little of This and That

Phones. So many people of a certain age – usually not elderly – have given up their landlines.