First Selectman’s Update

The month of March may have come in like a lamb weather-wise, but for Town business it’s been more like a lion! As outlined in my last two columns, there’s been a simultaneous focus on Kent Memorial Library, economic development of Ffyler Place/ the Town Garage/ Town Center Village District and Town Hall.

Print Me a House

The use of 3D printing in manufacturing has quietly slipped into our culture and become widespread in its usage, especially in medical, automotive, aerospace, and consumer products. Lately it is beginning to be used more in the construction of buildings and bridges.

An Educator’s Inspiration

Thank you, Observer, for the serendipity which surprised me in your March issue. Jane Shipp’s article and the photograph “warmed the cockles of my heart.”

The warming sent me to Wikipedia to refresh my memory about cockles.

You can come home again

There was this place in my hometown of Monroe, N.Y., that one summer was the rage among the “in-crowd.” By “place,” I mean an outdoor bar in the middle of a dusty parking lot, and by “in-crowd,” I mean the stereotypical popular types.

Food For Thought

 “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”  – Winston Churchill

Brynn Scozzari – Suffield’s Pride

If what Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle said is true that, “Music is well said to be the speech of angels”, then Suffield native/ coloratura soprano Brynn Scozzari is talking in good company. Brynn, a 2007 SHS graduate, attended Roanoke College in Virginia, took voice lessons and majored in vocal performance, graduating with a BFA in music and voice.