Old Homes Gone

Here today and gone tomorrow. That’s how fast a building comes down these days, and several weeks ago that’s what happened on North Street, just south of the Halladay Avenue intersection.

Condo Units Rise

The first of the three two-unit condo buildings at Elzear Roy’s construction site on Mountain Road next to Muddy Brook reached its full shape at the end of May, and the second building was well along by the middle of June.

A Big Thank-You!

This one on South Street is a sign that can’t be missed, and its subjects deserve all the thanks that can be offered. Kelly Freezer, formerly Kelly Container, does a great job when they decorate one of their freezer-trailers.

Dining Out

After Gov. Lamont’s May announcement allowing outside dining, it didn’t take long for two local restaurants to take action. There were rules about social distancing, of course, but you don’t have to sip your soup through a straw under your mask.

Art Walk

As an encouragement to be connected and get outside, Dawn Metcalf invited her neighborhood kids to make an art walk with sidewalk chalk – collaborative art and social connection!

Sto Lat, Anne!

Anne Barberi waves happily at friends in the parade for her 100th birthday on June 13. A balloon-decorated tractor led the big parade past her house on Hale Street, with police cars, four ambulances, the SFD tower truck, and about 20 private cars.

Local Beer Delivered Curbside

Curbside delivery at the Broad Brook Brewery on South Street was bustling on Sunday afternoon, May 24, after the brewery put out the word that online orders would be taken starting Saturday, May 23, at 2 p.m.

COVID-19 and the “New Normal”

The COVID 19 Pandemic hit my business fast and hard. In the early stages of this virus, the media, health institutions, and appointed officials viewed this issue as just another ordinary virus.