Nature Photos

Dapper Wood Duck

Homemade bird treats, a fun and messy activity. Blue Sky, Blue Bird

A Cooper’s Hawk wonders what’s for dinner.

The Need for Speed

My friends and I went pretty happily through Bridge Street and Spaulding schools where, seated in rows of wooden desks, we learned to read. We started with our letters and moved on to those antiquated Dick and Jane books in reading groups with equally antiquated names such as bluebirds, cardinals and sparrows.

Ratley Road Beauty

This small bridge on Ratley Road has been graced with lovely flowers each year for the past eight years.

Northern Tooth Fungus

I call it procrastination month as everything I had planned on doing since the migratory birds arrived in April I have put off to November.

How Do You Say Good-bye to a Tree?

For years, this mighty oak, most likely over 200 years old, has been the backdrop for the historic white barn built by George Hendee in 1914 at Hilltop Farm on Mapleton Ave.