Avian Accessories

I have been interested in accessorizing my look, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. Thinking back, for decades I have watched from the sidelines as folks I know demonstrated their creativity with a scarf or a scrunchy.

Nursery Land Bought

It was a number of years ago that Robert Baker, who started Baker Nurseries in 1956, began to end production on various parcels of land in Suffield. The business had grown nationally, with divisions in several states across the country.


A plume of sawdust shoots out of the chainsaw’s cut as Rick Sotil, Jr., up in the bucket, saws another big limb. On the crane truck, Rick, Sr. controls the cable suspending the limb so it won’t fall and damage the King House Museum.

Traffic Cop Needed?

The broadleaf fields on both sides of Griffin Road filled rapidly with snowmobile tracks after the late January snow. This view looks south toward Stratton Farms Road.

Lost Words

This is the way I remember it. A cryptic message was left on my phone, the voice fading in and out, making it a challenge to recognize.

Sunrise at Hilltop Farm

Having moved to Suffield in 2020, photographer Chad Lemmens is exploring the community through the lense of his drone camera.