Wildlife Processions March On

Back when our kids were still in our clutches, any road trip usually was centered around wildlife. We’d head off in search of birds with more spectacular plumage, reptiles not found in our back forty and mammals more elusive than the grey squirrels.

Brisk Sales at the Suffield Farmers Market

Suffield’s Farmers Market has been doing a thriving business this summer, in part because other markets have chosen not to open and also because people are looking for delicious and local fresh summer produce, which can be found in great variety at the Market.

Farewell, Mr. Chipmunk

A proliferation of chipmunks has been reported this season hereabouts, but this cute little fellow, pictured recently at the King House Museum on the seesaw of a Havahart trap, has “gone on to greener pastures.”

Plenty of Activity at Hilltop in August

Sidney Eitel helps one of her chickens climb the ramp. With family help and generous donations, she renovated 900 square feet at the west end of the old Hilltop Farm chicken house, bought two dozen chicks, and is now about ready to market their eggs.

Tropical Storm Isaias Hits Hard

The brief, severe, spotty wind storm that hit the western part of Connecticut on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4, was just about everything it was forecast to be when Tropical Storm Isaias passed by on its way north. Everything, that is, but rain, and that’s something we really needed — there were only a few sprinkles.

Praying for Rain

This white wire figure appeared in a field next to Mountain Road in West Suffield soon after Earl Waterman had planted his broadleaf.