Unusual Prom a Success

Suffield High School juniors, dressed beautifully for someplace like Chez Josef, enjoy a game of Cornhole Toss next to the big, four-pole tent set up for this year’s prom in the high school track infield. Pictured at sunset on May 22 amid lessening pandemic restrictions, the mask-less event, with no one present except members of the class and the school staff (plus three food trucks and the main caterer), was reported to have been enjoyed by all.

SHS UCONN Class – Life Lessons

Kate McCluskey, Family Consumer Sciences Teacher and Career Internship Coordinator, invited Carol Martin, Ruth Clark and Ann Kannen to talk with her students at a Human Development Through Lifespan class. This class is an Early College Experience class where students earn college credit from UConn while in high school.

North Central Act of Kindness Award

Congratulations to Katheryn DiStefano and Anna Washburn, who received the North Central Act of Kindness Award (NCAOK) for the months of April and May, respectively. The NCAOK Award is designed to honor students who regularly display redeeming qualities like civic awareness, commitment, kindness and care towards others.

UPS Offers Help as Students Pack Up

As Suffield Academy students pack up to depart at the end of the school year, a crew from UPS stands ready to offer boxes as well as shipping and storage. They’ll even help carry the packed boxes down from dorm rooms to the waiting trucks.

SHS Students Register to Vote

Registrar of Voters Darlene Burrell and her husband Dick manned a table at Suffield High School in June to provide an opportunity for students who are 18, or will be by the November election, to register to vote. Kurt Lester and Elizabeth Rose were two of the students who took advantage of this opportunity by pre-registering, as they will both be 18 in November.

2021 Graduates Look to the Future: SHS Graduation

The Suffield High School seniors gathered at SHS athletic field on Saturday morning, June 12, to finalize their four years at the school. The past year has been one fraught with the problems and restrictions associated with COVID, but the tenor of the graduation messages was one of inspiration and readiness to face the future despite the difficult year.

SHS Joins Forces with Suffield Garden Club

Since 1940, the Suffield Garden Club (SGC) has been planting dogwood trees along Main Street; there are currently 109 trees. For years the SGC was fortunate to have the town help spread the mulch, but due to budget cuts the SGC has had to include that in their responsibility of caring for the dogwood trees.

Suffield Schools Update

As we conclude what has been a very uncertain and difficult school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many signs that the Suffield Public Schools, our families, and our students are returning to the normal ways of yesteryear.