Schools Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

As the problems of racial inequity and inequality continue to plague the nation, Suffield Public Schools is determined to make sure that we are educating both our children and ourselves on what has become foundational issues in our society.

National Lunch Program

The Suffield Public Schools announced its policy for determining eligibility of children who may receive free or reduced-price meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.

SHS Paving Completed

Galasso Paving came to Suffield High School in August to complete the job started last year when the big parking lot was paved.

Public Schools Meet the Challenges of 2020

The Suffield Public Schools may look a little different in the fall but whether students are at home or in the school building, SPS is offering new and exciting opportunities for students to learn. First, the upgrade of the Google platform to Google Enterprise allows teachers and students to collaborate, communicate, and learn with each other while apart or together.

McAlister Bricks ‘Repointed’

In the beginning of the brick repair project at McAlister Intermediate School this summer, most of the work was around back, not noticeable to those passing by. A crew of brick-masons from Armani Restoration, a Middletown company, has been busy since late in June, starting with the task of chipping out eroded mortar and loose bricks.