A Farming Town

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I grew up in Suffield working on farms. I remember being in the 1970 Suffield tercentenary parade riding atop a horse drawn calliope.

Three hundred years of a town, a Biography of a Town enounced in print by Robert Hayden Alcorn that I still venture to read from my bookshelf. I miss Suffield. Certain farmers there I worked for had an amazing impact on my life; Walter Drenzek, Hermann Roesberg, Richard & Larry Hastings and Stanley (Stash) Falkowski.

I also was a tree worker for H.T. Sikes and helped Horace Halladay with tobacco. Glenn Neilson helped me get a snow plow fitted for my 1940 Farmall H tractor. My neighbors growing up on North Street; Gary and Terry Mandirola are still there and are my first stop whenever back. These are all people of substance and character.

Suffield has changed since then. There are only three dairy farms left; Coulter, Hastings and Bielonko. Perhaps Suffield is now more like Simsbury or Avon, but to me Suffield will always be a farming town until the last furrow is plowed.

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