It Happens Here!

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Not in my town! My friend would never! My child, no way! My spouse would not do that! Many people express these words when they are faced with the fact that someone they know or love is using drugs. The addiction does not just affect the user but it can destroy relationships within families and friends.

Newspapers and local television stations have been covering stories about heroin overdoses throughout the state to the point of calling it an epidemic. Heroin is not the only drug of choice and there is also great concern about alcoholism.

The newly formed Suffield Local Prevention Council is working on plans for prevention, education and awareness of drug use in our community. We all need to become aware that Suffield is not immune to this problem. Our emergency personnel can tell you that it is becoming increasingly more of a problem in town.

All residents must take this seriously. It exists through all of society – rich or poor, young or old, educated and non-educated. In future months the council will be distributing literature and planning workshops to inform all of us about this and what we can do. Please support the efforts of the council and read the literature (see article on Council here).

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