Irreplaceable Losses

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During the last month those of us at The Suffield Observer have lost two of our most loving special men, Sam Fuller and Bob Warren.

Last month our paper featured the life of Sam and his founding of the Observer. This issue is dedicated to Bob, who was our Chairman of the Board of Directors and monthly contributor to the paper with his column “Food For Thought.” I always felt that his column reflected Bob’s contributions to the world.

He was an incredible problem solver. He would always listen intently to your point of view on an issue, then ask probing questions, spend quite an amount of time reflecting in on the issue and then give his verdict on what should be done about the problem. Bob’s solutions more than likely would result in everyone being satisfied.

The former Navy man had the greatest talent for “tact” that I have ever seen, which must have been a strong asset on the Town’s Ethics Commission. Whenever Bob came to the Observer office he paid special attention to each one of the volunteers and would leave with a good laugh that could be heard as he walked down the corridor. To say he was a very special man does not do him justice. His warmth, love and concern for individuals always came across in everything he did. It showed in his family life, his career and his volunteerism. He more than deserved the Paul Harris Award for the Rotary Club for his work in his church, community, Rotary and Country. May he rest in peace for a life well lived.

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