World Language Student of the Month

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James Casella

James Casella

James Casella is the World Languages Student of the Month for December, 2016. Jimmy is currently a junior at Suffield High School, where he is a member of the French 5 Honors class. During the past three years, Jimmy has shown great initiative in French class, making the most of opportunities to speak in French with classmates and teachers, to write about his experiences and plans, and to enrich his understanding of world cultures and international perspectives. For example, during a school trip to Montreal last spring, Jimmy consistently communicated with tour guides, shopkeepers, teachers and friends in French and had a great time immersing himself in this welcoming and dynamic city. In French 5, Jimmy has shown steady improvement in his language skills, and his range of vocabulary and ability to communicate effectively and understandably in French is excellent.

Jimmy has many diverse interests that bring numerous personal elements to his work at Suffield High School and allow him to make strong connections through his endeavors. Jimmy is President of the Earth Club and involved in the SHS Robotics and SWAT teams, and his activities – which include fencing and juggling – are also evident in his creative and presentational work. The World Languages Department is happy to offer this award to Jimmy, who brings passion and vibrant curiosity to his work and strives to connect with others.

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