Post Storm Recovery Safety Message

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As we all dig out from the latest round of winter weather there are some important safety messages we would like to relay to all residents of the Town of Suffield.

Just because the snow has stopped, the roads are not all clear. Please allow the members of your Public Works Department time to clear the roads effectively before driving unnecessarily.

• Do not crowd any plows. They are working to keep you safe.

• Do not park in the roadway. Our plow operators need a clear path to make one for you.

• A town ordinance requires that all fire hydrants and sidewalks be cleared by the owner of the property they are in front of.

• Do not run any internal combustion engine (snowblower, generator, car etc.) inside of an enclosed structure or house.

• Make sure that all the vents for your furnace are clear of snow.

• Many direct vent gas units have exhaust ports that may be buried in snow. This needs to be cleared away.

• When the temperatures drop and we experience bitter wind chills, please limit outside activity and watch for signs of frostbite.

• Take it easy shoveling and allow breaks for your body to recover if you must shovel.

• Check on your neighbors. Regardless of their age we all need a hand from time to time.

Please stay safe and thank you for helping us help you.

Regarding the impact of Storm Chris upon the community, here are some details from the police department:

• Twenty motorist assists (cars stuck in snow banks, slip off road, etc.).

• Three motor vehicle accidents – property damage only, not injuries.

• One report of trees down – quickly cleared by the Suffield highway department.

From Sunday to Monday morning, the storm-related incidents included two motor vehicle accidents and one car fire, two emergency medical calls for service and one motorist assist.

The Suffield Police, Fire Department, Suffield Volunteer Ambulance and Highway Department want to thank all for their cooperation during this storm. Very little vehicle traffic was on our roadways enabling the Highway Department to work diligently through the storm to remove snow from our roadways. Additionally, the Police Department was happy to find no vehicles parked on the streets thus freeing police to respond to other emergencies as they occurred.

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