Road Projects for 2017

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Mill and Pave Projects

In 2016 the approach to road projects changed from an emphasis on full reconstruction to mill and pave and pavement overlay projects, in order to utilize state low bid contractors. This approach will continue in 2017 with 15 miles of mill and pave projects on all or unaddressed (from previous projects) parts of the following roads: Austin Street; Boston Neck Road; Broadleaf Circle; Halladay Avenue; Hill Street; Kenny Roberts Memorial Drive; Lebria Road; Marguy Lane; Newgate Road; Pondview Lane; Ridgewood Drive; Russell Avenue; South Grand Street; South Main Street; Spencer Street; Warnertown Road; Wheeler Drive and Woods Hollow Road. Funding for the above projects totaling $3 million will be from the $9 million road bond.

Road Reconstruction Projects

Canal Road – This half mile reconstruction project, funded by a $250,000 STEAP grant, is scheduled to start in April with completion anticipated by early summer.

Road Reconstruction Project 2016-1 – This 3.1 mile project ( est. cost – $ 1.6 million) including Blossom Street and portions of Hale Street, Taintor Street and Ratley Road was postponed last year due to numerous other road projects. Presently, design is nearly complete for this project funded by the $9 million road bond. The project will be bid by late Spring for construction during summer and fall.

Thrall Avenue – With construction funded by a 100 percent ftate LOTCIP grant, final design for this 1.2 mile project estimated to cost $ 1.4 million will be submitted to CRCOG by the end of March for final review by DOT. Upon approval, the project will be bid for construction in summer/fall 2016 with the schedule subject to state requirements.

Harvey Lane – This half mile reconstruction project, funded by a $250,000 STEAP grant, is waiting for final design review and packaging for submittal to DOT for design approval. At present, the time frame is uncertain due to the list of other road projects. The design is also complicated by the need to coordinate with a long-standing state project to improve the railroad crossing.

Other Road Projects Under Consideration

Another 2½ miles of roads are being evaluated to determine whether they are more suitable for reconstruction or milling and paving with likely construction taking place next year. In addition, a crack sealing project is also under consideration for this year.

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