The Community Center Plan Moves Ahead

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At the last Permanent Building Commission meeting on March 1, the Request for Proposals (RFP) for both a construction manager at risk and an architect to design the community center were finalized, and at this writing, RFP approval is expected at their next meeting on March 16. Then the RFPs can be sent out and bids for construction and design can be collected and decisions made about which architect and CMR will be awarded the project.

Using a construction manager at risk (CMR) is a different way to manage a project, one the town decided to use because it puts the onus of project completion within budget on the CMR. The cost for a CMR is higher initially, but the cost in the long run is lower because the project stays within the planned budget, without the cost overruns often seen on long-term projects.

During the design phase the architect and the CMR work together to assure that the design and costs for construction dovetail keeping costs within the planned budget.

Residents are excited about the positive momentum and eager to see the design process commence.

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