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Amy Colson

Amy Colson

Amy Colson is the World Languages Student of the Month for March, 2017. Amy is currently a junior at Suffield High School, where she is a member of the French 5 Honors class. This fall and into this spring, the exceptional progress that Amy has made since freshman year has been more and more striking as the year has progressed. As a freshman in French 3, Amy worked very hard to develop her control of language and sentence structure, and she was admittedly frustrated at times with the challenges of communicating clearly and comfortably in French. Through diligent effort and enthusiastic participation in class, she has developed into a very effective French speaker and writer. Her positive attitude and genuine nature help to make her class a dynamic group of students and to establish a learning environment that is extremely fun and a beneficial place to learn French.

At the high school, Amy is involved in many activities, including the National Honor Society, Giraffe Club, and varsity field hockey. She brings great purpose to these activities, and in fact her extracurricular interests also showed through a recent presentation she made in French class. In this work, she created a detailed web site and supporting infographic materials, and she delivered a highly professional presentation in French about health and wellness linked to French-speaking cultures. In fact, Amy is also an ambulance volunteer and has been involved in 4H for many years. It is with sincere pleasure that the World Languages Department offers this award to Amy. Her friendliness and kind nature help to elevate our school community while her hard work and dedication to excellence allow her to reach significant personal goals.

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