Kindness Counts

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“People are so kind!”

A driver, appreciative of other drivers, had been at the wheel of a car mud-bound up to its hubcaps on the north side of Hickory Street. Followed too closely, she had pulled off the road to elude the vehicle behind her.

Within the next 20- 30 minutes five different pick- up drivers and one woman with a handicapped sticker had stopped to offer help. One of the men had a plywood panel that allowed him to get under the rear bumper to free the stranded woman and her car.

The driver canceled her call for help. Then quietly persisted in giving her rescuer a cash thank you while he sincerely persisted in refusing it. Not successfully.

Their dilemma beckons our sympathy and understanding. Many can identify with the driver’s appreciation and the rescuer’s kindness.

Tailgating does not invite understanding. It is illegal. Unnerving. Law requires Connecticut drivers to maintain at least two or, at best three car-lengths or two- three seconds of time behind vehicles they follow. Enforcement is needed.

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