Public School Education

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I am passionate about public education. Public schools welcome and provide equal educational opportunities to all children from varied backgrounds and socio-economic levels, including gifted learners and those with special needs, English speaking and non-English speaking, children from families of diverse cultures, religions, practices, and beliefs. The goal is to develop competent contributing citizens who will continue to uphold the values of our democracy.

Connecticut public schools are ranked 4th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and 3rd in the nation by CNBC. The Suffield Public School District was recently ranked 22nd among the 169 districts in Connecticut by Niche. This doesn’t happen by chance. Tax dollars and lots of effort go into making Suffield Public Schools one of the best places in the country to educate your child.

Recently I listened to two teachers expressing how after giving out-of-state visitors tours of our high school, the visitors were very impressed with all that we offer our students. The other day I spoke with a high school student who is applying to many Ivy League schools and she told me how much she “loves Suffield” and that every one of her teachers was “amazing” starting with kindergarten through high school.

We should all appreciate our great town and wonderful school district. However, public education is under fire nationally and locally. Can we improve? Absolutely! Do we have an action plan to improve? Absolutely! Our administration and teachers have improvement plans and are highly motivated to know their kids, improve practices, and innovate to provide their students with the best opportunities for success in the future.

The Connecticut State Board of Education provides us with a framework for excellence. The Suffield Board of Education, in collaboration with administration and teachers, has set high standards for teacher performance and student performance. For the last two years we have implemented a district improvement plan and school improvement plans that set goals and strategies to get there. You can learn more about how your tax dollars support a great educational system in Suffield by visiting our website. Advocate for keeping our public schools great.

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