Town Snowstorm Policies

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The responsibility of the Public Works Department is to maintain a safe road network by providing an effective snow and ice removal program during the winter months. Town trucks use Cargill ClearLane treated road salt which provides the best results with the least environmental impact.

Residents are requested not to park on streets in residential areas. We also ask that you don’t throw snow into the roads from snow blowers, plows and shovels when clearing your driveway as these actions may create a hazard and result in a fine.

To minimize street flooding, please shovel snow and ice off the catch basins near your home. Report any excessive flooding to the department. For the safety of you and your neighbors, keep fire hydrants on your property clear of snow.

Section 15-2 of the Town Code of Ordinances states that the owner or occupant of any premises where there is a public sidewalk MUST remove snow and ice from the sidewalk within 12 hours from the end of the storm. Fines will be issued for violation of this ordinance.

Mailboxes that are directly hit by a snowplow will be repaired or replaced by the Town. In most cases it is not a direct plow hit that causes the damage, but instead it is caused by the force of wet, heavy snow getting pushed past a mailbox during plowing. Unfortunately, these cases of damage are not covered by the Town. The highway foreman will make the final determination for any reimbursement.

Winter sand is available to town residents in a marked area at the Highway Garage, 42 Ffyler Place. Bring your own bucket and shovel.

Call the Department of Public Works at 860-668-3890 with any questions or concerns regarding road conditions.p19_n04_COLOR_Town_Snowstorm_Policies_Cloonan

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