Dividing Plants; Review and Revive

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p34_n05_COLOR_Horticulture_HighlightsMerry Christmas, my dear reader! I also wish you a wonderful and healthy new year.

The cold months are an opportune time to review indoor plants to determine what they may need. Consider the following tips:

A simple sponge bath of warm water mixed with a drop or two of mild dishwashing detergent will surely give your houseplants a grateful demeanor. A kitchen sink or bath tub is the ideal way to go.

Nearly all houseplants sleep or go dormant in the winter months. Hold off on fertilizing until early spring.

When giving your plants a drink, use room-temperature water when plant’s soil is dry. Even though your houseplants’ roots are in soil, they need air, so be wary of over watering, as this can block airflow and allow root rot to develop, resulting in plant failure.

Plants may need to be replanted with fresh, professional potting mix in larger containers. When purchasing plants, whether they may be indoor or outdoor varieties, they usually need to be blessed with fresh, new soil before long.

Brown-tipped leaves are an indication that a plant needs to be revived by repotting.

If you see a white crust on potting soil or on the inside of the pot, salt is probably the culprit. Too much salt may come from water, potting soil or fertilizer.

Trimming away dead or misshapen leaves may be in order.

Propagate trimmed, overgrown stems by rooting them in water to multiply your plant supply for your home or gift-giving.

It may be time to revive overgrown plants by simply dividing them.

Dividing or repotting plants may cause them to experience stress or shock. Be patient; in 2 to 3 weeks they should show signs of revitalization.

Review the location of your plants. Are they getting enough light/sun? Avoid placing them near drafts or heating units. Remember to rotate each plant a quarter of a turn weekly.

Boost your inspiration by sipping herbal tea, reviewing seed catalogs and making gardening plans for the upcoming season.

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