Mattress Recycling Program

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The Town has joined the statewide mattress recycling program called “Bye-Bye Mattress”. Starting in January, residents will be able to dispose of their mattresses and box springs at the landfill for no charge. The mattresses need to be completely dry, clean and free of bedbugs.

The storage container and transport services are provided to us through the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC). The MRC was formed by the mattress industry to offer recycling programs in states with recycling laws. Currently those states are California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. This program is funded through a $9 per unit fee that is charged on all new mattress purchases.

The DPW can pick up mattresses and box springs curbside for a $40 fee, but the homeowner needs to make sure that the items remain completely dry until pickup. Otherwise an additional $20 fee will be imposed per mattress to cover our bulky waste removal charge.

Any questions call the Department of Public Works at 860-668-3890.

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