Suffield High School Principal Moves On

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It is with mixed feelings that I share with you the resignation of Mr. Steve Moccio, Suffield High School (SHS) principal, effective March 12, 2018, as he will be taking on the important responsibility of Superintendent of Schools in Stafford, Connecticut. We are proud of and thankful for Mr. Moccio’s achievements in his role as a dedicated, hardworking, and highly capable principal of SHS, and look forward to his inevitable success as a superintendent.

In the past nearly four years, Mr. Moccio has contributed a great deal to improving teaching and learning at SHS and his leadership abilities are a valuable asset to our Leadership Team and District improvement. During Mr. Moccio’s tenure as principal at SHS, he increased the number of AP and Early College Experience courses, instituted multiple processes and procedures to better identify and address students with academic and social-emotional needs, improved academic intervention with the hiring of expert reading and math interventionists, ensured the professional growth of all SHS teachers with a focus on teacher voice and dialogue for instructional improvement, and re-structured the schedule of SHS to include Wildcat Time to increase teacher provided enrichment and support for all students.

On behalf of the Suffield Public Schools, I wish Mr. Moccio well and the best of success in his position as Superintendent. We acknowledge his efforts and thank him for his commitment and dedication to the students and families of Suffield. We are seeking an interim principal for the remainder of this year. We will immediately initiate our search for Mr. Moccio’s replacement and will ensure teachers, students, parents and board members are involved in the process identifying and selecting a new principal dedicated to the success of SHS students.

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