A Wassail Celebration

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On Saturday, March 10, FOFAH invites the community to a Wassail Celebration at Hilltop Farm!

The celebration, a Wassailing the Orchard, is scheduled for 1 p.m., to wake up Mother Nature. The event will bless the trees, bushes and soils of the newly established orchard. The Wassailing program will be led by Sarah Stockwell-Arthen of EarthSpirit.

The ancient tradition of Wassailing includes singing to honor the land, trees, bees and livestock. Guests will learn the history of the celebration and blessing songs. Then, everyone will take part in a procession to the orchard where guests will wassail the apple trees, berry bushes and other farm critters!

Children and families are welcome. Dress warmly for the weather and bright colors with bling of any sort is most appropriate! Please bring rattles and noisemakers for the procession to the orchard.

For several years, FOFAH volunteers have been clearing and preparing an area in the “Secret Garden”, developing the area into an orchard. The plan is to grow several varieties of heritage apples and berries. Through multiple grants from the North Central Connecticut Health Department- Fruit Trail Grant, FOFAH has been able to improve the soils and create the orchard. Berry bushes have been transplanted from the farm to create raspberry patches.

To register for the workshop, or further information, please call 860-758-0668.

Guests will meet in the barnyard, rain or shine.

Hilltop Farm is at 1616 Mapleton Ave in Suffield, CT, and is owned and managed by The Friends of the Farm at Hilltop.

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