Hang ‘em High

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Hanging Planters

Container plantings are a wonderful way to display flowers and greenery which adds curb appeal and charm to a home. I love to see classic window boxes brimming with vigorous florals. Traditional urns showcasing shrubs/flowers are a huge favorite of mine too. Hanging planters are popular and likable as well; the caveat here is to hang ‘em high to prevent knocks to the noggins.

Have fun creating your own floral displays in containers filled with a commercial potting mix. More than likely your plantings will do better than most store-bought-planted arrangements which usually don’t fare well through the summer. When selecting a planter remember, anything that holds soil and drains well can be used.

You may like to use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller technique.” Thrillers are big and the focal point of the design. Plant tall ornamental grasses or spiky plants such as cosmos or salvia in the center. Next insert Fillers, surrounding the Thriller, which are mid-size and rounded such as coleus or lantana. Lastly, add Spillers that will cascade over the sides of your container. Good choices are white-edged vinca or sweet potato vine which is available in green or purple.

Container plants will need frequent watering and fertilizing. Adding a bit of Miracle-Gro to your watering can every other time you water is an effective feeding method and will produce successful growth and health to your plantings. Plants, like people, need water and nutrition on a regular basis. TIP: When choosing plants try to pick ones that have the same light and water requirements.

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