Meet Our New Police Intern

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The town of Suffield is full of friendly people and excellent police officers, and our new police intern enjoys working here.

Noor Zaben, a student at Central Connecticut State University has joined the Suffield Police force as an intern hoping to become a dispatcher. Zaben’s college major is in Criminology. The Criminal Justice field really interested her, leading her to the decision to becoming a part of a police team.

As a dispatcher, Noor must respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance, giving the fire department and police units an address if necessary. She chose to intern at the Suffield Police Department because she knew she’d not only learn more about the criminal justice system and the police work but the administrative aspect as well as the dispatching and community aspects.

Living in Windsor Locks and commuting to and from CCSU, she knew that being in the Suffield Police Department was a good choice for her. It was when she started her internship with the police force that she decided to be a dispatcher, choosing between that and her interest in being an EMT.

Zaben has a strong connection to community. Ever since she was a teen, she wanted to be a juvenile counselor – she still does to this day – wanting to coordinate community events. A future goal is to have a community building of her own where teens and young adults could come in to get away from the violence and other troubles of life -a place where they could find someone to confide in and help them through what’s going on in life.

Zaben will be a great addition to the Suffield PD. She is a polite and caring individual who will most definitely be beneficial to the community.

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