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Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Summertime Blues

According to the knowledgeable experts at Birds & Blooms, in a 2015 poll more than one-third of people surveyed around the world chose blue flowers as their favorite. Yellows, pinks and oranges bloom everywhere you look, but regal blue blossoms aren’t quite so prevalent. To me, that makes summertime blues all the more special.

Blues look spectacular when paired with pink or yellow blooms. For real color punch, add orange. You will find orange across from blue on the color wheel, creating a complementary relationship. A garden full of cool white and blue flowers is a balm for the eyes on a hot, summer day. Keep in mind, blues alone will usually seem to recede in the landscape. Warm colors will appear to come forward. If you would like to add lovely blue hues to your garden this year, here are some eye-catching florals to look for:

Balloon Flower

This neat perennial blooms the second year from seed.


These perennial vines bloom in a range of color, but the true blue-flowering varieties, such as Crystal Fountain, Ice Blue, or Arabella are among the most charming and look attractive flourishing on a trellis or lamp post.


Perhaps one of the bluest of all blue flowers, this sweet-looking annual is usually grown from seed.


They also come in pink and white. Delphiniums are some of the best blue, eye-riveting perennials to enjoy, particularly if you’re fortunate enough to have them reappear each year.

Grape Hyacinth

A–very–welcomed, mid-spring-flowering bulb which produces clusters of tiny blue flowers. You can also find varieties that bear purple, white, or yellow flowers.

Morning Glory

Look for the admired Heavenly Blue for the best blue blooms, shown in my photo above. I must add that this annual can be a tad on the aggressive side.


There are many blue salvia perennial (usually grown as an annual) species, including Black and Blue Sage, Mealycup Sage, Pitcher Sage and Meadow Sage.


This annual old-time favorite is commonly grown for dried flower arrangements.


A native perennial wildflower, spiderwort boasts bright yellow stamens that emphasize their blue flowers.


Shrubs entitled Blue Nikko and Endless Summer boast opulent blue flower heads.

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