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Gabrielle Stevens

The World Languages Department at Suffield High School is honoring Gabrielle Stevens as its Student of the Month for May. Gabby is currently a student in the Honors Level French 4 class at Suffield High School, where she consistently performs at an extremely advanced level in this course. Gabby is descriptive, imaginative and accurate in her writing, and she speaks comfortably in French in class. When describing her daily activities or discussing conversation topics in class, she regularly inquires about new words or expressions and then integrates them into her speaking. Her class has many dynamic speakers and strong communicators in French, and Gabby helps to elevate this strong level of engagement and involvement in the group.

As is apparent to all those who are in class with Gabby, she is an avid reader and exceptionally creative in a wide range of areas. These qualities are clear throughout the work Gabby does, while her calm and mature presence firmly ground her collaborative qualities. The Suffield High School World Languages Department is proud to honor Gabrielle Stevens as our Student of the Month in May 2018.

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