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There is a man I communicate with called Rem, who is an Australian Aboriginal. He is known in an ancient native traditional manner, for what translates into English as “elder child.” He has a special gift for living and guiding others based on right and wrong. It’s a gift for knowing and seeing outcomes. He claims it’s NOT a special gift, that everyone innately has the power to see the future, but it requires being a “child,” and we don’t use it. Desire for self blocks it. Selfless desire makes it happen.

The fundamental belief is that there is an all sustaining spirit force which never changes – one only needs to look out into a night sky to know this is true. Right and wrong is like the weather; it changes, it’s not absolute.

All beings are subject to the changes. The thing that matters for human beings is that they can make choices. What we give, what we take, how the balance tips for what’s good or what is bad makes a person rise up into the sky, or sink into the ground.

The expression Rem and his people have for this translates to “out without.” The way it sounds when they utter it in English is “oat-widda.” If you ignore the law of nature, and go out into the wilderness, without knowing how to find water, food, shelter, and have no respect for fellow creatures- you are oat-widda.

Each choice asks: is it for self, or is it selfless? Selfless choice ultimately begets good for the self; “Generosity begets Prosperity.”

When you comfort and give tenderness to a child, loved one, or anyone, the result is apparent for all.

OK, our society wants to believe and ensure this somehow works in practical terms. The principles of our government were founded on this as “rights.” Laws are designed to uphold this, many have sacrificed their lives to guarantee it. People are promised the right to gather and vote for a choice made by majority.

The effect of that action is guaranteed. When this fails; and works against what we believe, confidence in our leaders to uphold the law is lost. Any occurrence of this failure anywhere- our Nation or in our Town leaves us “out without.”

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