Seniors Walk Spaulding Halls

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Photo by Beth Chafetz

Smiling at enthusiastic newbies on the day before graduation, Madelyn Bedard was among the Suffield High School seniors touring the halls where most of them began their schooling.

There was a lot of excitement at Spaulding School on Friday morning, June 15. The students, K-2, had made congratulatory signs for the seniors who came to participate in the second annual Senior Walk through the halls of Spaulding School where most of the seniors had started their education.

The seniors walked from the high school across Bruce Park and were greeted first by inspirational signs placed strategically along their path. As they entered Spaulding School, the seniors were welcomed by enthusiastic children as they walked down the hallways. Spaulding students and teachers stood, waving handmade signs, while Pomp and Circumstance played on the PA system. The seniors spoke to many of the kids and gave high-fives and big smiles.

Krystal Holmes, parent and kindergarten teacher, Jen Lord, were the organizers of the event, and invitees included not only the senior class but also retired teachers, parents, Board of Education members, Superintendent, Karen Berasi, Bill Hoff, district Business Manager, and many other towns people connected to the graduation of this year’s seniors.

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