SHS Student Named Governor’s Scholar

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Ziad Hassan from Suffield High School was selected as one of 22 of Connecticut’s top juniors designated as Governor’s Scholars. Sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Schools and Horace Mann, the purpose of the Governor’s Scholars Program is to recognize academically talented  high school students in schools throughout the state and present a select group for special recognition to the Governor of Connecticut.

All students recognized for this prestigious award were honored at the Twenty-second Annual Governor’s Scholars Luncheon, which was held at the Aqua Turf in Southington on May 24. Each honoree received a plaque designating them as a 2018 Connecticut Governor’s Scholar. The majority of Connecticut’s colleges and universities also support this program by making gratis college level courses available to the 22 scholars. The University of Connecticut will award an Academic Excellence Scholarship to all freshmen Connecticut Governor’s Scholars enrolled for the fall 2019 entering class. The Academic Excellence Scholarship will be awarded for each of four academic years (eight full semesters of undergraduate work) and its current fixed amount is $7,500.00 a year.

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