Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15

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Open enrollment is almost here! You may be satisfied with the Medicare plan you have now. But even if you are happy I recommend you look at your options. Why? Because the plans can change every year. The premiums can change. The benefits can change. The doctors and hospitals in your network can change. The drug restrictions can change. The drug prices can change.

Every year between October 15 and December 7 you can change your Medicare plan. Making the change is easy. Deciding which plan to move to can be hard.

The good news is that at the www.Medicare.Gov website you can compare plans. Go to that website and click on the green button “Find health & drug plans”. The next few pages will ask you questions about your current plan. You’ll be asked to enter all the drugs you currently take. Finally you’ll be presented with the different plans available for you. Today, my results include 22 Prescription drug plans (Part D), 19 Medicare plans with drug coverage (Part C) and Original Medicare (Parts A and B). On October 15, the Medicare.Gov website will display the new plans and prices for 2019.

Another piece of good news – you can get free help from a counselor in Suffield. Either Laura or Sheri can help you better understand the resources and choices available. They can help you navigate the Medicare.Gov website or just describe some of the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. If you need extra help paying for Medicare, they can point you in the right direction.

Available at either the Senior Center at 860-668-8830 or Suffield Community Aid at 860-668-1986, Laura and Sheri are trained, unbiased volunteers who can help you find the best information for your situation. Call either agency for a free “Medicare CHOICES Counselor” appointment. Plan to do it soon. 

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