The First Church Supports Northampton Mission

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Photo by Jerry LaPlante

Diners work their way down the table for dinner at Cathedral in the Night, served by youth and adult volunteers from Suffield’s First Congregational Church.

Every Sunday evening, local churches support the mission work known as Cathedral in the Night in Northampton, Mass. This mission program provides a church service, a hot meal, care packages, clothing, and blankets for the needy residents of Northampton.

On a recent October Sunday, a group of 17 adult and youth volunteers from Suffield’s First Church of Christ, Congregational traveled to Northampton to participate in the mission work. 

They served a meal of hot dishes, sandwiches and desserts, which had been prepared by many members of the congregation back in Suffield. In addition, they distributed dozens of fleece blankets which had been prepared by the children of First Church as a part of their Hands-On-Faith Christian education program.

Among the many local outreach activities at First Church, volunteers go to Cathedral in the Night two or three weeks per year. 

Volunteers often comment about their personal growth from participation in this mission program; being able to reach out and directly impact a nearby community of need can be a life-changing experience.  

This is a wonderful endeavor by members of the First Church of Christ.

Photo by Jerry LaPlante

Participants assemble for the Sunday evening services at First Churches in Northampton, a weekly, all-year outdoor mission program called Cathedral in the Night. The service is followed by a hot meal and care packages for needy residents of the town provided by ministry partners from area churches and charitable organizations. First Churches is a multi-faith congregation formed in the city’s fifth Congregational meeting house.

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